Monday, 26 September 2011

Test of Will

I'm getting to that point of where my will could be broken. That being said, I feel that I have quite a big resistance, but recently things have not been going as well.

I have a certain amount of expectations of which I'm not reaching. That in turn, is effecting my confidence in my plays, and I'm still finding out a lot of leaks even at this stage of the game. I'm a perfectionist. So maybe I'm emphasizing the leaks as being something that is bigger then it actually is.

That being said, last year I pretty much did shit until the last quarter of the year. So hopefully this year can be the same. I have basically tripled what I've earned every year of being a poker player, and if that happens these last 4 months are gonna be epic.

Maybe Jarad Tendler will say all these negative thoughts are not helpful. I love the idea of learning in a process orientated way, rather then through results, but there comes a point where [as a human] we cant help but think of what could have been.

I'm not one to be secretive about my results. In fact I'm a big advocate for free open source mentality over protective secret money patent shhhhh mentality (Wikipedia wins over Encarta all day). But I'm pretty damn embarrassed tbh;

Yes, you've played me and said "Oh, thats Puyan the B.E player. How the fuck did he get a star??lol"

I guess its going upwards... kinda?? lol. My excuse is that I'm learning, I suppose. But how long am I gonna be learning for geez? Note that the first 5k games are STTs. I'm actually shocked at how bad my hand reading skills are, even to this day. That's what I get for simply finding a mathematical shoving "theory" and applying it mindlessly.

If I didn't have other sources of income I would be in big trouble right now. But I cant keep doing this for long, the pressure is on! I did actually move for this reason, but didn't expect such a bad turn of events. Hopefully things will pick up. I've realised that I haven't actually played over 1500 180m in a month, so I'm gonna try and reach 2k by the end of the month, which means 600 games in 4 days.

I know I'm better then this. In fact I have a few coaches who said that to me. But lets see if the results flow... only time will tell. I'm hoping that I will get my love for the game back, because in all honesty I'm struggling badly to get up and want to play.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


GG = Good Game.

In Starcraft 2, it is what is written when you surrender, so whoever GG's first is the loser. I lost the prop bet, but ended up, so strangely enough I'm actually happier then when I did the last prop bet, because I felt like I put in higher volume, and won money lolz. But I could have done better, however my friend from Thailand doesn't like forsight so she randomly told me she was visiting and I couldn't play for a few days...

Here are the Results;

Total Games = 1000 games on the dot!
Days Played = 8 out of 14
Running Profit = $617 (Average buy in $7)
Final Score = 1085pts

Whyme's Results;

Total Games = 849
Days Played = 13 out of 14
Running Profit = $3543 (Average buy in $10)
Final Score = 1651pts

GG indeed.

Tbh I'm quite happy with my volume considering I only played 8/14 days. I was really hoping to play something within the region of 10-12 days, but when I found out that I had to take some days off I adjusted and played longer sessions of around 120+ games when I did play.

What was frustrating was that the first 4 days I was like totally breakeven. Like literally 450 games worth = $30 haha. But that's why they call it a grind! These games can be really annoying, so many close calls, and the bad beats that cost you so much potential $$$.

But I guess you have to run pretty good at these to win, and Whyme totally did that. I got skooled, and congrats to him he deserved it. I probably didn't put in my A game, with the longer sessions I do find it harder to concentrate. But at least it wasn't an epic fail like the last bet I had where we didn't make any money.

Whyme has "designed" an avatar for me that he thought was funny;

However, he probably forgot that avatars are tiny so no one can actually read the text;

So apparently I've decided to change my avatar to Bart Simpson singing something that no one can read. It could be waaaay worse lol, so I'm pretty happy with that. I can totally think of way more embarrassing stuff then that. Whatever tickles Whyme's fancy... I don't get German humour lol.


Gave me a heart attack!!

PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, 3.5 Tournament, 6000/12000 Blinds 1200 Ante (3 handed) - PokerStars

Hero (SB) (t176305)
BB (t179109)
Button (t444586)

Preflop: Hero is SB with 10, 10

1 fold, Hero bets t72000, BB raises to t177909 (All-In), Hero calls t103105 (All-In)

Noooo I'm LOSING!!!

Flop: (t353810) Q, Q, 10 (2 players, 2 all-in)

YESSSS I'm Winning!!! Full House Baby!

Turn: (t353810) Q (2 players, 2 all-in)

NOOO Freaking Way?? Zomg Q Vito'd my T! House over house zomg!!

River: (t353810) 10!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2 players, 2 all-in)


Total pot: t353810

Annnnd I lose HU. Aw well, cant win em all...

Monday, 5 September 2011

Let Battle Commence!

Round 2... Fight!

Ok, since I'm Asian I guess I'm Ryu and Whyme is Ken =D

I'm doing another prop bet! Its basically the same as the one in May vs Bigniux. I did win that, but it was a hollow loss as our volume sucked basically, and we both lost... with me being the victor by being the one who loss less lol. 

Anyways, new bet, new guy... I'm against the amazing German player Whyme270483 who has been absolutely crushing the 18 mans working hard with SNG Protege. It will be a good motivational challenge, for both of us... and tbh all I really care about is getting decent volume in really... not the mockery of the last bet. I'm hyped tho! Should be good...

So using the PortlyPig idea we will be using a points system and the winner is the guy with the most points at the end of the 2 weeks starting from Thursday 1st September to end of Wednesday 14th September.

1 pt per game
1 pts per profit/average buy in = buy in up (we're playing different stakes)
200 pts if 3 ships in a day (100 pts per shipz after that)
100 pts going from 9/9 to ship
25 pts for going into FT 1/9
-100 for coming 9/9 after going to FT as CL
50 pts per KO'ing each other (-50 for being KO'd)
-50 pts for "Bubble of Shame", for coming 19th.

As sharkscope is dodgy and HEM doesn't record 3r properly we'll use the cashier before/after our session to track our profits. Winner gets money of course, but more importantly pride in the fact that the loser has to change his avatar to whatever the winner chooses for the rest of the month!

August Report

Yeah August was my first fully broadbanded month as a Poker pro, but I totally got kicked in the nuts straight away. Ouch. Its weird because normally I'm so good at bankroll management, but for some reason I'd been waiting so long for the internet that I basically felt like attacking the tables aggressively and was too overconfident, so my money buffer wasn't enough.

So in a crazy 3 sessions of losing $2k and nearly going broke, I had to swallow my pride and go back to the $2s. As well as this, I've been learning a lot more with Glitlr and trying out different things and working on my heads up. So yes, I did fuck up my potential first month of being a pro, living off my winnings, but on the other hand I've learned new things and will probably never ever do that again ha.

Looking forward to September, putting in some good volume and hopefully continue to get some results. Always remembering to learn and never say that "I have this game DOWN"!

As far as my overall goal is concerned, yeah I totally have gone a bit off course by a few months lol. But hey, it happens... learn from it. It is really annoying actually that it took so long for internet to come, and a bad start, but as with the nature of these games, I know that any heater can bring me right up. Hopefully with the help of this bet I can hit that Godmode and crush!