Friday, 30 December 2011


What is ALL IN?

Its when you put everything on the line... all the money is in the middle and there's no turning back.

As 2011 comes to an end, I can pretty much describe my pokering as pretty disastrous. Compared to the previous year, I had come nowhere near what I had expected to make, let alone even matching it! Many things have probably contributed to this... most notably Black Friday - The banning of online poker to Americans, meaning that games are now tougher and has less players.

Strangely enough I achieved a lot of my goals I set so quickly, I kinda didn't know what to do after 6 months. I had visited my friend in Thailand, made enough money to survive, and moved out of my home to Manchester. I'd improved in my breakdancing a lot, and kept social. On top of that, I've had a huge interest in Starcraft lolz. So with all that being said, maybe my scheduling hasn't been great. Actually... its been pretty shit tbh...

In Starcraft, they also use the term "all in" to describe a strategy that has no backup. I kinda feel like that was my poker strategy this year. Well, actually no strategy whatsoever. In fact, its come to my realisation that my work ethic has been nothing but atrocious. Not only have I been playing less, at random times, and worst of all; "When I Feel Like It" (zomg what a fish), I've been expecting to crush the mid levels without any work at all. Mentally, I've been pretty bad too... as the breakeven/losing sessions keep coming, the more my expectation to get a rush continues... yikes.

Well, its all to change. I'm gonna put in the hours like I did in 2011. Freaking waking up in the morning! wow. On a full day I will do 2 sessions, one 18 man or 9 man session, then in the evening a MTT/180 man session. My strategy for the new year is going to be to achieve 7500 VPPs per month, but I will have to see if that's possible... so its probably gold star status for now. I do wanna get Supernova back actually... but I think I'll have to see how the first few months go. What's for sure, is that I'm gonna be playing more then ever... and I should be doing that in the first place!

Macbook Air 4 meeeeeeeee!

Merry Xmas Puyan! I decided to finally get my mac and I'm loving it! Its a Macbook Air, one of the lightest around... and its great I hardly notice the weight of it in my bag. I'm also loving the OSX Lion Operating System, using three fingers to swipe the touch page to scroll across various desktops.

Some people has asked me why I bought the Macbook Air over the Macbook Pro even though they're similar priced. Well, mainly coz I'm planning to use my laptop for more casual things like blogging, surfing the net, maybe some music editing. Also, I plan to travel quite a bit, so I love the fact that its so light. If you ever have to decide between the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro, just ask yourself what you're planning to use it for... if its more intensive stuff, or if its gonna be a substitute for a desktop, then I'd say get the Macbook Pro.

I'm literally gonna be playing all days,  maybe take New Years Eve off? Haha... lolz course I will! Hope you all have a good one!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Fluido Jam 6 - Rome, Italy

Last night I just came back from a weekend in Rome at a breakdance jam called "Fluido Jam 6". We entered as Floor Riderz and got through the qualifications and 1 round, eventually losing out in the quarters to Knucklehead Cali (the eventual winners).

My good friend  Anton Phung  made this amazing trailer of our trip! I'm the dude in the grey T-shirt! If your up north and need a dancer or maybe some workshops feel free to contact him.

It was a really good jam with a great vibe. Italians are hungry to break! We were looked after by a Free Steps Crew which was great, giving us a place to stay and helping us out with our Italian! (LOLz). The scene in Italy is pretty much divided into the power (spinning moves) hungry kids influenced by Cico and the up and coming actual dancers influenced by the current scene in Europe. Free Steps is representing the latter, and slowly but surely is influencing the scene to go in this direction!

We had a little time to check out the Colosseum at night and it was pretty sexy I have to say! The buildings and architecture in Rome (and Italy for that matter) is amazing, kinda renaissance - romantic style; really traditional.

I really appreciate the chance I was given to go there and definitely will travel more around Europe. Living in UK we forget that Europe is so close and cheap to travel to. Peace and Love!!