Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Fluido Jam 6 - Rome, Italy

Last night I just came back from a weekend in Rome at a breakdance jam called "Fluido Jam 6". We entered as Floor Riderz and got through the qualifications and 1 round, eventually losing out in the quarters to Knucklehead Cali (the eventual winners).

My good friend  Anton Phung  made this amazing trailer of our trip! I'm the dude in the grey T-shirt! If your up north and need a dancer or maybe some workshops feel free to contact him.

It was a really good jam with a great vibe. Italians are hungry to break! We were looked after by a Free Steps Crew which was great, giving us a place to stay and helping us out with our Italian! (LOLz). The scene in Italy is pretty much divided into the power (spinning moves) hungry kids influenced by Cico and the up and coming actual dancers influenced by the current scene in Europe. Free Steps is representing the latter, and slowly but surely is influencing the scene to go in this direction!

We had a little time to check out the Colosseum at night and it was pretty sexy I have to say! The buildings and architecture in Rome (and Italy for that matter) is amazing, kinda renaissance - romantic style; really traditional.

I really appreciate the chance I was given to go there and definitely will travel more around Europe. Living in UK we forget that Europe is so close and cheap to travel to. Peace and Love!!

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