Friday, 15 March 2013

Should being a Pro Gamer be Different to a Pro Sportsman?

If your son (if you have one for this theoretical situation) said he was going to be a Pro Gamer in Esports would you be pissed? What about if he wanted to be a Basketball player? Doesn't sound too bad now, right?

Really, what is the difference? One is more physical then the other, but if we used Pro Chess player then we couldn't use that argument. Truth be told the main difference is that one is more widely accepted then the other, being something that is cool and therefore worth pursuing. A load of money is invested into that sport, for TV, playing, promoting, sponsorships. Being successful at it means you become a millionaire  The image of it is something great, nothing to be ashamed with.

Now lets compare the similarities... They're both committing to training intensively for that game, dedicating themselves to studying all aspects of it. They're both competing to be the best, to win and to improve and learn from their losses.

We'll just have to see how Esports will expand if it does so to the level of sports... and the trend from the past 2 years says that it will get more popular, thanks to the help of online streaming events and gamers practicing themselves on Twitch.

This pretty cool documentary pretty much sums up why I choose Starcraft over all other games.

The new expansion Heart of The Swarm has finally come out. This expansion is the 2nd of a trilogy of expansions. Starcraft basically has three races, Terran (Human), Protoss (Psychic), and Zerg (Kinda like Bugs). Heart of the Swarm is basically the Zerg version, with the one player campaign mode following and controlling the Zerg race.

What makes this game interesting for the multiplayer is that there are a lot of changes by introducing new units, new abilities, and new upgrades. However, its not changed so much that you have to relearn everything completely if you've played the previous expansion "Wings of Liberty" (Terran's POV). So its the same game... but it isn't! =D

It will be cool to see what kind of new strategies are chosen at the high level pro scene, there will be a tournament this weekend and I cant wait to watch it! If your interested have a look its at MLG this weekend,  and there are always gamers streaming on Twitch.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Couch Potato!

Woop woop! Yea... that's how I'm starting this post! Thought I'd do it once in my life... and err never again! =D So as I'm sitting here waiting for some less regged poker games I'd thought I'd do a lil post!

The past few weeks I have been watching a TON of shows, and since you asked [in my imagination], I will do some reviews and rough explanations of what they are! Your welcome! LOL

Suffice to say that I am not necessarily promoting a site like to say that you can literally watch every episode so far and new ones, but holy crap I've spent some nights going through a few seasons worth of shows. But I'm not saying that ;)

House MD - He is a Doctor that solves cases that no one else can solve.
My absolute favorite show, and I'm sad that its over. He is based on Sherlock Holmes, and has the social skills of an asshole... who is always right (don't you hate those kinda people?). Each episode starts out with some kind of person being ill and the show goes on to find out what far out rare disease he/she has, whilst going through side stories.

CSI [Las Vegas] / CSI New York - They solve crimes in a lab trying to make it cool with random "cool" music!
This is as classic Hollywood style of story-telling as it gets. Straight up solving murder cases, and more emphasis on the clues, less so on the characters. Pretty much non thinking A to B storylines. But pretty entertaining none the less, since its always interesting how they solve em.

Breaking Bad - Elementary Chemistry Teacher turns into Crystal Meth Drug Lord
I think that description itself should hold your attention. Pretty dark look into the characters transformations from one side of their lives to the other. Oh, and yea his brother in law is also a head cop who has family dinners... keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

Suits - He is a pretend Lawyer with Photographic Memory
Not so much in the courtroom as much, but more so office politics and settlement negotiations. Pretty cool setup, with super hot female casts! Harvey, the main character's boss is cool as a cucumber.

House of Lies - He is a Consultant who really only cares about Himself
Super fast paced, really funny show that makes consultants look bad! He talks into the camera at some points to explain hard truths, like how to win over clients with gibberish and nonsensical business terms, and gaining rapport using certain personal tactics. And Kirsten Stewart... nuff said

The Good Wife - She is a badass Lawyer who is the Wife of a Disgraced Governor
Unlike Suits, this is more about cases in court, and the interesting strategies they use in there, whether it be stalling for new evidence, or learning about judge's favoritism. On top of being a lawyer, she juggles family life and also the bad publicity from her husband's corruption and cheating when he was in office as a Governor.

House of Cards - He is in Office but will do anything to becoming The President of America
Kevin Spacey is in office and uses his political power and influences to edge himself further towards positions of power. He does some cool talking into the camera truths segments too, and of course he's totally awesome.

The Following - He is an ex Cop who is Haunted by the Workings of a Serial Killer, who is back out on the Loose.
This pretty twisted show with Kevin Bacon is about a Serial Killer who is so good at manipulating people he ends up having a following (hence the title) to do things for him. Pretty gory, mind fuck drama, great if you love those horror flicks!

On top of dat plus pokerings as usual, I've been playing Heart of the Swarm, Starcraft 2's new expansion and I'm loving it. Will probably do another post about it, but what I find interesting is the fact that its kinda the same game, so much so that the original players don't have to relearn everything, but its also different in the fact that they've added in new units or changed up the abilities which means all the old strategies from the old expansions aren't as viable anymore.

Anyways, happy watchings... and I'd be interested in any tv recommendations! Pz