Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Punching Bag


Its been a rough month to say the least. I've had my first losing month since January and its not turning around. To be honest its not the losing money that pisses me off but more so the fact that in October I really tried hard to put in a good amount of volume.

In saying that I think I did manage to achieve most of my goals, since they are not results orientated goals, even though things didn't turn out the way I wanted them to;

I managed to play around 800 STTs, which was shy 200 for my 1k goal, but that was compensated by my 1200 180m of which my target was 1k. 

November Goals;

[ ] 25/30 Days playing!
[ ] 1000+ x 180m... 75 games minimum... add in some $15s!
[ ] 1000 x $15s STTs. Playing continuous sessions now in the daytime 40 STTs
[ ] Watch more vids and study HHs...www.youtube.com/jcarverpoker zomg I found this its awesome
[ ] 100hrs of play
[ ] Push ups and/or Sit ups during breaks... nothing helps concentration then some blood flow!!
[ ] 3 SC2 Games a day!! Get into GOLD LEAGUE FFS!! + Stream some too!
[ ] Blog moar man!!
[ ] Stop giving a fuck about what happens in showdowns. Doesn't matter how you lost, you lost! Don't waste emotions on that rubbish!

Right now I'm on a roll of 8 losing sessions in a row and counting at 180m. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, or/and running really bad. Whatever it is, its a real mindfuck coz I'm questioning everything, when in comparison to September I was full of confidence and already contemplating the huge winning months I would get in aggressively moving up stakes. I find myself being super negative about my sessions now expecting the worst... and I know all it will take is 2 good sessions and all this bullshit is behind me. Just when....

Tomorrow Full Tilt is gonna reopen. I'm planning add some of their games to my sessions, I plan to get involved with the Iron Man promotion, if it still exists. Anyways, I will decide in more detail.

And btw, for the love of god I hope u Americans get Obama GL!!!!!!!!