Sunday, 19 February 2012

Super Meat Boy

NSWF!! Sorry about the sound autoplaying!! =P

The other day I was looking at this game called Super Meat Boy and realised that it had a flash version before the game was released on console, so I ended up playing it.

... for freaking 5 hours ZOMG!!!!! so addictive! well I guess, there went my day lol

So without further ado... don't play this game!

And well its time for a change for my avatar as well. The slam dunk character hadn't served me as well so I'm switching to Super Meat Boy. I like their characters, they're kinda funny and all that, so lets see how things turn out with this fella!

The 200

Today I challenged myself to "do what the real pro's do" and play 200 games of 180m tournaments. I managed to do this, starting at 3pm and ending around 2am for a good 9 hour session.

I have tried to do a 200 game day before actually sometime last year, and also did 3 other 200 game sessions in STTs, bringing my total to 5 attempts. All previous attempts ended up with losing sessions, but today I managed to claw out a win finally!

I managed to get 13 Final Tables but only won 1 of them, and came 2nd twice. I kinda hit a epiphany with these games which has helped me get deeper a lot more. Its only a matter of time when I start running good end game to bink multiples.

I was actually sitting around 3pm kinda debating as to whether I could be bothered to do it or not. Trying to come up with excuses, blatently procrastinating my heart out, I remembered the best tip to counter this attitude;


lol seems easy enough right? Well actually scientists has actually studied this and found out that when people start a job, and don't finish it, they are more likely to complete it because they have this inkling to do something that they haven't finished. So got an essay to write? Best tip is to start it, then stop, and then later on, you'll have this urge to want to finish it.

Of course though for playing poker, its not like I can stop anyways once I started... coz all the tables are loading up! I remember when I was living at home a lot of the time I'd say "Well, you're not doing anything with your time anyways, so you might as well try and make some money!".