Sunday, 6 May 2012

Just SooImba

Sup y'all hope everyone is enjoying the beginnings of what is to be great summer! Well, here in UK we've just had our wettest April and its not gonna stop apparently... so not sure when officially summer is actually coming, but hey... that's UK for ya!

I'm happy to announce that I am making some progress in the Silver League at Starcraft 2! 4th in Silver, pretty happy with that, and quite confident with my build now.

As you can see, I'm "sooimba" but I also notice the 6th place guy "TerranImba" which I thought was kinda funny... coincidence? Totally.

I basically watched a series with this guy;

...and it helped me a lot.

Basically he advocates the "Special Tactic" of.... wait for it....

...Getting more stuff then the other guy!

Wow, such amazing strategy! Nearly as good as such favourites "Score more goals then the other team" or "Score more points in the basket then your opponents". Duuuh

But basically it does show how having literally no real strategy but building a lot of stuff can get you really far. Ever since I've adopted this build I've managed to win a lot more, and learn to adjust to a lot of things. Having specific builds vs certain race match ups is good, but isn't really as relevant until you get to the higher levels.

I'm interested to see how far I can get with just doing this. I am pretty good at doing multi-pronged attacks, as well as multi drops and just being all over the place, which is the kinda style that I wanna use.

I'll be streaming regularly so if your around come by and say hi at

The Imbalanced Argument

So in this game there's a lot of talk about balance. Balance basically is about making the game as fair as possible, by making each race (terran, protoss, and zerg) as evenly matched as possible. But the continuous arguments for/against certain aspects of the game are so overly complained about, it made me use the name "sooimba".

In my opinion the game is as balanced as it can be. There can and will be tweaks here and there, but I honestly think that the general backbone of the game is flexible enough for players to be able to solve certain problems in creative and intuitive ways. After all, don't we play games for the challenge?

Without this balance, the game would never have been as popular as it is today. What's more, the fact that the 3 races are being chosen quite evenly shows that there is no clear better race to use. Even at the highest level when watching the pro's play, we see a pretty good distribution between them. There are advantages and disadvantages to using each race.

I do complain a lot about balance but in actuality I'm only really kidding around lol. I really do <3 this game and will keep playing for a long time I think. There is something really interesting about how there are so many different strategys as well as the fact that they always keep evolving over time, meaning that your not always doing the same thing over and over again.

I guess the fact that I'm just a high silver I don't have the perspective of a high level master league player... but I guess this would be fun to look back on when/if I get there!

Back to the Future

Marty!! Its time... to go back to the future!! 

Well actually... more like back to the past! I've been playing the $15 STTs (Single Table Tournaments) again thanks to my VPP collection scheme, and I have to say I'm not doing badly at all for once wow. Small sample atm of course, but not bad considering I'm not table selecting and 20 tabling a mix of $7s and $15s.

One thing that is interesting is how my game is so much better then before. I understand a ton of new concepts and lines to take, and my heads up play has improved considerably, of which it shows since it's got the highest distribution. 

Another thing is that with this "new" found knowledge... the games are kinda like, new games to me! Its interesting going back to this old game that I used to play a ton with this new mindset, and see things in different ways. I can really see the mistakes that I used to do, and understand why I had the breakeven stretch that I did. Anyways, hopefully it will continue, and with it comes my confidence and hopefully more money!



I have been neglecting my travelling this year, and I feel bad for it. So when the opportunity came to go to Barcelona for a breakdance jam, I pounced on it. December last year I went to Rome, so it seemed like a good time to go to sunny Spain!

However, it didn't turn out that way. We brought the British rain with us, and it was cold as shit =(

Still, I had a good time, tried some Spanish Paella, and checked out the Gaudi Church which was one of the most interesting buildings architectually, I've ever seen! 

Gaudi's most famous building "Sagrada Familia"

View from Outdoor Restaurant. Mmmm Paella!! 

I really do miss travelling, but I think that my days of doing the long ass month stays are over. Maybe 1 or 2 weeks max now. I guess I *could* bring my laptop to play poker, but it would be without all the poker software and stuff... which to be honest I wouldn't mind too much. Its just the fact that I'd like to have my away time from the online felt.. and I'd probably miss my Starcraft too much lolz.