Monday, 31 January 2011

Misery Loves Company

Wooowwwwww what is going on!

I have a table saved on sharkscope where I keep an eye on a bunch of winning regs. Seems like they're not winning either. Apart from the very best... (you know who you are ;)

As bad as it sounds, it brings me comfort knowing I'm not the only one atm. Things will pick up tho, they always do...

And as January nears its end, it hasn't been the best of months in terms of results. I had a blast in Hong Kong, and came back to get bitchslapped back to reality. Keep on trekkin... onwards and upwarrrrds!

Here's my tribute to my trip in Hong Kong... Love that place. Yeah... don't worry I'm chinese so it wont seem as racist lol!

Laterzzzzz & GL@TT Y'all....

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Mindfuck 101.

No doubt about it, Poker is a real mindfuck sometimes. And so recently, I have indeed been fucked in the mind by the cards that fall down on the virtual felt. I'll moan and tut (I'm British after all!) fo sho, but I'm cool with it. Really? Yea. Why am I cool with it? Simply, coz I have to be...

The mental strength demanded is so great, so many players have fallen and given up. Because no other sport I can think of, makes you lose if you continuously even if you do the best move. What you do, and what the outcome is detached in Poker.

However, whether you do the best move, or the worst, its the winning and losing that can cloud your judgement. If a tennis player is hitting his backhand shot out all the time, then his technique is wrong. He knows this, coz his backhand is going out all the time, and when he fixes it will be more accurate. But in Poker its really hard to see what you are doing wrong, especially with no guidance or unbaised help. Sometimes, you play bad, and sometimes its just bad luck. That's why some players breakeven for ages, because they blame luck and not what they're doing. Its hard to see...

So in the light of things, I decided to look at my results of $16s in 1000 increments. So far this month I've only played 800 odd, due to my late start after spending half the month in Hong Kong;

Puyan's Last

1000 = $646
2000 = $2184
3000 = $929
4000 = $1037
5000 = -$83 (when I sucked :D)

The longevity of these breakeven spells are around 1000 games imo, so if after that I'm still breakeven then I'm pretty sure it'll be a leak in my game.

Here's a few other guy's (winners) in comparison...

1000 = $1348
2000 = $726
3000 = $2320
4000 = $915
5000 = $1240

1000 = $1091
2000 = $2036
3000 = $727
4000 = $1145
5000 = $362

So I'm not that far off. Its just that since my volume was so low this month it I've emphasized it more maybe, because I was hoping to win when I got back.

I'm pretty much 60 odd games away from reaching 7500 VPPs from my last minute month save lol. I'm thinking about doing a trial week of just 45 mans, see what happens. I had a mini session today and it was kinda fun, altho I lost. The mini breaks are pretty awesome, makes the longer sessions seem more "bitesize".

Anyways, GL@TT, and may the cards fall your way!

Friday, 28 January 2011

Formal Intro'z

Wassup fellow bloggers and blog readers,

I've finally decided to move formally to blogger to make my bloggin' more official lol. I used to blog here, but now I'm movin' on...

So for those who don't know already, my name's Puyan, and I play online poker professionally on Pokerstars. I specialise in Single Table Tournaments (STTs) and learning Multi Table Tournaments (MTTs). I had an awesome last year and profited quite a bit, which allowed me to travel to Perth, Korea, and Hong Kong to visit my friends and check dat shit out!! 

For now, I'm playing to travel, and playing whilst travelling! One of the perks of the job I guess! I'm going to Thailand mid February (tickets booooooked baby!) and after that I got some planz to check out Japan.

My avatar is this guy here;

And if you know where this is from you'll get $100 (I'm a nit, so no). 

This guy is a from a Japanese basketball anime called "Slamdunk". But the character is a reference from an awesome Japanese movie called "Battle Royale", in which one of the characters is a hacker and uses this picture as a theme for his hacking software called "The Third Man". 

Bloggin's pretty awesome imo. Gets those thoughts out there. Even if its retarded or doesn't make any sense at all, I always think that the process of doing it is more important. Which can be pretty weird if you write total bollocks. 

However, there is something to be said about Poker Blogs. Mostly... that they're pretty boring. Lots of graphs and posted hand histories, and tons of moaning (not that I'm not guilty of that too). So I'm gonna try and keep things interesting, and hopefully be a good learner from Mr Delaroxxu who is "The World's Best Poker Blogger" lol.

GL@TT, & Pz Out!

[Acronym translator - Good Luck at The Tables, and Peace Out!]