Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Streaming Games (and Maybe Some Poker)

Hey guys,

Its been a long time, I know... sorry! I have not been really *that* busy tbh, lol so I cant really use that excuse >_<

I've recently been experimenting with streaming my Starcraft 2 games, and its been really fun. I love the way that anyone can stream, and anyone can watch other people's streams... this is exactly the kinda thing that the internet really should be used for.

My stream is http://twitch.tv/puyanwei

One of the cool things about having a stream channel is that it automatically gets recorded and you can rewatch it, so I can review some of my sessions. I really feel that I'm improving fast and will move up in the ranks soon!

I'm thinking about streaming some poker as well at some point, just please follow me on www.twitter.com/therealpuyan and I'll update when I come online and what I'll stream.

Watch live video from P-Cam on www.twitch.tv

I will do a proper blog about all things bloggy related later on... peace!!