Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Time For A Break

I really haven't been playing all that much and have been dabbling around here and there kinda with some half arsed sessions. Feeling guilty for not "working", its become apparent to me that my hunger for the game is slowly dissipating. I've been in this situation before, and what I did was take a break and hit it hardcore when I got back... So I'm gonna not play poker at all until next Tuesday...

The P-log Changes

Well its apprent to me that this blog is pretty empty. In some ways I guess it reflects on my mood as such. My mood is effected on whereby I am making money. So therefore there has been less blog posts...

As chirped on in my previous posts, full of optimism and tips for positive thinking, and not being results orientated, I accept that I am totally not following my own advice on those as my lack of success is certainly getting to me no doubt. Hey, I'm only human (or am i??!)

But life has gotten more complicated, in that I have one! lol. Back home living with my parents it was easy to concentrate on poker, just coz I didn't have much of a social life, and in a way I kinda wanted it to be that way. Concentrate on learning this game, and make sure I play since I have nothing else to do.

Upon moving up to Manchester (my fave city... in UK ha), I'm juggling various things I wanna do, such as breakdancing, playing Starcraft (zomg), and staying social with my friends. I'm also helping with Glitlr's amazing site SNG Protege, in which my coach has certainly turned amany zeros to cash machine making heros.

Because of this, I have removed the description of this blog from being "A Puyan P[oker] Blog" to simply "A Puyan Plog". I just don't want, or need this to be a blog about poker only. I mean, it basically isn't really, I've talked about various things that aren't poker related anyways. It all comes down to the fact that I just simply don't think that poker is a huge percentage (lets statistically say) of my life anymore. There are other things going on, and I want my blog to reflect that. Plus, I'm hoping to blog more about other stuff anyways, I've forgotten how therapeutic writing this stuff down is...

Please have a look at and see if your interested in backing and coaching in low stakes SNGs. We're now accepting applicants that are interested in playing Scheduled MTTs, with our new coach Buffyslayer! I'm pretty psyched as this weekend I'm gonna be meeting a bunch of amazing poker players including Buffyslayer, for a poker filled weekend of which I am blatently the fish lol.

Rules DONT Rule!

Rules rule!! Err... nah. Rules suck lol. But it is true that we need rules to a certain extent, but to live by them is another thing. Rules aren't necessarily there to be broken (as the saying goes), but in the other extreme case it doesn't mean that we don't need any rules at all.

Case in point;

Killing is wrong. If you kill you go to prison.

Woman kills a man, she should go to prison, coz that is the rule.

However, what if it was in self defense? What if she got attacked and her only way of surviving led to her killing him?

Do we stick to the rule that is written in stone or make an exception for the individual case?

Well I hope you choose the latter, coz the truth is that Rules are GUIDES.

Some people stick to the rules regardless, whether it defies logic or common sense. Why? Because its easy. Because you don't have to think. If the woman killed, and the rule was that you cant kill then she should go to jail straight up... because that's the rule. Maybe there'll be a few individual cases where there should be exceptions, but statistically, overall, the rule will be beneficial and justified percentage wise.

In poker, there are a lot of "rules" to help you. There are things like "be the pre flop aggressor", or "shove 10 big blind stacks blind vs blind" or "never open limp". These are good rules, they help a lot, but at the end of the day, they are guides.

I think I have been playing by the rulebook way too long. Having rules makes everything easier. You literally don't have to think. You don't have to think about the "exceptional" case. But playing by the numbers is not maximising value. You are not adjusting to the game, the game is controlling you.

Don't just blindly follow rules no matter what - Think for yourselves! (Image roughly relevant lol)

Goodbye Steve Jobs

Well when talking about breaking the rules, there's no better example then Steve Jobs. He was the mastermind of not just innovating products, but actually the idea behind making us want things that we didn't think we did. There's no doubt that he is one of the most influential people of our time, and how he turned around Apple is an inspiration to us all.

Apple has released their long awaited new phone, the iPhone 4s. Many people were speculating that this was gonna be number 5 coming out, but I had my doubts, since they brought out the 3G before the 4. Why change a successful pattern?

Just like the 3G, there wasn't an amazing amount of changes. Basically they buffed up the 4 with more faster processor and a better camera. They introduced something called Siro which is a voice activation task manager, but honestly are we all gonna be going round the city talking to our phones? Would be pretty weird. I mean, how much little time do you have where your gonna need to be talking into your phone your text messages? I dunno...

What has happened with this update is that people aren't impressed with it. But in all fairness it just hasn't lived up to the previous new changes that Apple normally brings in. People will (and have) still buy it, and I still think that the iPhone is a damn good phone/ipod/movie player/camera/GPS/app utility...

The iOS5 has also been released this month, which is the software for the iPhone. I am very impressed with this update, it has some cool stuff like quick notifications, and my favourite one being a quick way of taking photos (using the volume button as a clicker too). There are a lot of other features such as photo editing (taking out red eye and light levelling), reminders app, automatic updates without needing iTunes, Twitter integration, and automatic backing up using iCloud which is free. There are actually loads of features that they've tweaked and you can check it out here.