Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Comeback!

I've found that my blog posts have been getting longer and longer, and that's been making me start some but not finishing them... meaning that I hardly have blog posts at all lol. So I've decided to make shorter entries and therefore post more.

Never heard of him, but apparently he's very good at coming back from behind!
At the start of this month, I finally settled into my new place with new internets, and in true "sod's law" style I ran badly. I lost $800 in 4 sessions of 180m which of course wasn't the start that I wanted.

Looking back at it I blamed variance, but in actuality I had actually did some bad things that could have caused this downswing. This was that I decided that I wanted to reach my volume goal as fast as possible, meaning that I played more then my normal 18 tables, and just kept letting more and more tables load. I wanted to get volume in, but sacrificed quality.

So on my 5th 180m session I cut down the tables and reached my volume goals slower. Thinking back at it, I have no idea why logically I wanted to finish quicker. It wasn't like I was doing anything at like 1am?

The patience style paid off and now I've made a comeback and feeling great about my game. I've also realised a lot of things about 180m as well, where a lot of the edge that you can control [by skill] comes from making other players fold and give up the pot.

My scheduling is pretty solid now and I'm quite happy with it. It goes as follows;

Day Session - 40 x STTs

Break. Do something like go out or chill. Anything that involves being away from computer.

Evening Session - 75 x 180m

If I have some other plans in the evening like going breakdancing training or meeting with friends or family etc then I will not play the evening session. However, I will always decided before hand whether I will play or not, but most of the time I will grind some STTs during the day at least.

Finally the new sharkscope has fixed itself! One of the my biggest complaints was the lack of "favourite games" search. The new one is actually better, showing profits of all types of games in the same column as favourite games which is great coz you don't have to research it again.

9 mans are not as profitable as before since they increased the rakes, but still ok, mainly play them for vpps atm, but would like to grind up a STT roll and move up. Doubt I can get Supernova this year I'm only on 40k.

I really do feel good about my game atm. I feel like I have a good understanding about what I should do in certain spots and why I should do it. Understanding this allows for the consistency in my decision making and therefore the results that I want. Hopefully my results will continue to keep going upwards, I feel like I'm at a place where I have a good schedule, work ethic and mental stability to [as strangely as it sounds] worry about the money.