Wednesday, 27 July 2011

L8 Half Yearly Report! O_o''

So its nearly August now and by god its gone fast! It has been an eventful half year so far... (sorry for the l8ness lol).

Of course, we're mainly talking about the shocking way poker was cut off from the US players with no warning from Black Friday. A blatant "attack" from conservative groups to fight against not just online poker, but online gambling in general. From that, followed the fall of Victory, UB, Cake... and eventually Full Tilt, who's lack of organisation has damaged their reputation to no end, and it seems I for one am probably never gonna play on that site if it survives. Americans are still not paid back to this day... and its almost 3 months since Black Friday...

But its not all doom and gloom (still pretty bad tho). Pokerstars is the one main hope that things can be done right. They managed to let American players cash out within 2 weeks, and had everyone's money in credit. Something which all the online poker sites should have done, but didn't. Their expanding of the site to players around the world, has allowed it to survive without the Americans, and although traffic is still lower, it still reaches around 200k players during peak times which is still good.

Whatever America decides to do within its slow regulation of online gambling, it seems that despite all other sites falling, Pokerstars is gonna be here to stay. And it looks like its gonna survive and wait to see what happens. I really do hope that USA does not follow Italy and France in making their players only play against each other within their own country. I don't buy the argument that the U.S player's economies are losing out to the foreigners and therefore leaving the country. Yes, that can be true to a certain extent, but on the flipside they are also forgetting that money is coming into U.S from the outside as well... there are tons of great U.S players. Anyways... we trade stocks worldwide, couldn't one use the same argument for that as well??

"Gimmie 1000 shares of that guy's nose!!"

Half Year Life Report!

Personally it has been an eventful half year for myself as well.

- I spent a great month in Hong Kong in January, hanging out with one of my best friends from Australia and had a blast in my favourite country!

- I then proceeded to spend 3 weeks in Bangkok, which I promised my friend I'd check out and that was sick. A great contrast to Hong Kong.

- Moved from 9 man Single Table Tournament SNGs to 180 man Multi Table Tournaments. A big thing for me, after specialising in 25k of those games! (Still sucked lol)

- Got addicted to Starcraft 2. Thanks Day 9 geez U_U''

- Moooooved out!! After moving home with 2k debts, finally I'm able to sustain my own income and be independent again! Manchester has been great so far, but I like the feeling of needing to push myself to work otherwise I cant pay my rent. Not the typical path I had imagined for myself, but for now, its good to save for whatever I could choose to do in the future!

And wow, still 6 months to go! I'm still deciding if I'm gonna do a megatrip again really... I probably will but not for such an epic length of time this time... mainly coz I've run out of friends' free places to stay LOL!! :D (<--- cheeeeep). Methinkings New York/Vancouver sounding cool. But I will try and save some dosh...erm... apart from that Macbook Air I have my eye on ;)

1/2 Yearly Pokerz Results

So despite my random ranting on here, I do actually write this blog mainly for myself to look back on. So here's my results so far...

My *Awesome* 9 Man Single Table Tournament Run. Goodbye red line!

Multi Table Tournament Results  - Mainly 180 man tournaments with a dash of 45 mans. Note I started by playing $2 MTTs in the beginning and moved up.

Total Results including STTs and MTTs.

And FYI, I also took out $3k in 2 bonuses on April 15th so add that to the total as well.

Profit - $5472
Rakeback - $3000
Games - 8359
Hours - 483.6
Total - $8472

June/July has really slowed me down as internet is taking foreveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer (that many e's). In fact, as we speak, I STILL DONT HAVE PROPER INTERNET fml lol. Its coming on Thursday *apparently* but I'm not holding my breath. Its been slower then a snail trying to outrun a treadmill... literally going backwards at some points.

Honestly I cant complain about my results so far. As far as I'm concerned, I literally made most of my money in May and June... June I was really lucky coz my volume is terrible... great timing as that's when I moved. But considering that I had switched games in April, left myself $400 roll to play $2 180 mans, my progress from that original roll is pretty awesome. If we count that this month I've hardly played, and 2 months of STT stupidness, you can pretty much null out 3 months.

But I plan to crush the next few months with a lot of dedication, hard work, and focus. I always try to have a process orientated mindset in everything I do now, and ever since then I've been more emotionally cool about things as everything is always a learning experience.

*Note - Sharkscope has been pretty inaccurate ever since BF, so HEM is better, although it has some inaccuratecies over some rebuy tournaments.

WSOP November 9

The one thing one everyone's minds this year was, unfortunately, how Black Friday was gonna effect the most prestigious live poker event. As for sure, it was probably had the least number of online qualifiers (at least from USA), and therefore patched advertisings, for a long time. However, as if nothing had changed, 6800 still entered, so it seems that Black Friday hadn't effect it at all in terms of numbers.

I didn't really follow it as closely this year, but the major notable thing about the final 9 is how internationally mixed it is. A few years ago, the final table would be mainly Americans, but now it has a great mix, which is good imo for poker.

Martin Staszko (Czech Republic) 40,175,000
Eoghan O'Dea (Ireland) 33,925,000
Matt Giannetti (USA) 24,750,000
Phil Collins (USA) 23,875,000
Ben Lamb (USA)20,875,000
Badih Bounahra (Belize) 19,700,000
Pius Heinz (Germany) 16,425,000
Anton Makiievskyi (Ukraine) 13,825,000
Samuel Holden (UK) 12,375,000

Another thing to note is that the stack sizes are not as heavily skewed top/bottom heavy compared to the previous years. With 3 players in the 20 mils, and 4 in the teens, its just not as clear cut as who is favourite to win.

Of course all eyes will be on Ben Lamb, who is the current WSOP Player of the Year with an amazing 6 final tables out of 8 cashes including a bracelet. Over shadowing Phil Hellmuth's amazing WSOP run where he was top of the list if Lamb didn't make a deep run in the main event. Wow.

All best of chums but come November will they still be friends with all that money on the line? lol
Who is gonna take that $8.7 1st place prize?


I wonder if its number 4 coz there's 3 other ones??

Btw Rotterdam breakdancing event was pretty dope man, gotta love the Dutch! So chilled out! Enjoy one of my fave battles of the event!!

Sorry for the lack of posts but honestly I just haven't been playing all that much at all so that's the main reason. But its all about quality, not quantity surely... although that being said I do write posts that are like the length of the bible lolz...


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Living Life for the Long Run!

Hollaaaa!! Wassuppo all you poker heads... or just random ppl that like reading my blog! Indeed I seem to be starting my blog with a very "its been such a long time since I last blogged" style, but in my defence I have been living my life lolzzzz. Also, pokerwise I haven't really been playing much due to my lack of [undisconnectable] internet... but that's my excuse anyways. I have actually been playing a very **fun** (** is my signal for sarcasm in written form) game I like to call...;


So far, I'm close to completing this game, an appointment has been booked but I'm preparing my brain to handle the emotional tossing around that I pessimistically expect to happen. How British!! Here's how the game has gone so far;

1. We decide to get Sky coz they offer shorter 1 year contract, and we can get tv too as part of the deal.

2. Address is not registered with Post Office, as its a new build. (Are they even allowed to move people in without registering a property??? wtfff)

3. Register address with Post Office ourselves.

4. Wait for confirmation.

5. Call Sky. They offer us HD channels for 10 quid extra and free installation.

6. Sky emails HD channels for 25 quid, and installation fee of 30 quid.

7. We cancel order with Sky. We are forwarded about 15 times to different "sections" to handle the cancellation

8. we go fuckit and go for BT instead.

9. BT arranges engineer to come and activate.

10. We find out that the estate agent has given us the wrong post code. We also find out that the sockets are fine and doesn't need any engineer at all.

[1-10 = 1 month!!!]

However, in saying that, its not all bad. I mean I am on the net right now using my flatmate's other phone tethering which he has convinced me that its unlimited. If he comes up with a 500 quid bill don't look at me mate! lolz

But I can play, although I'm pretty nervous about doing it coz it will randomly disconnect. But my patience for this thing they call "wi-fi" is gone and I'm literally in a fuckit mood so I'm just gonna play. Probably like 1/2 amount I want to when my proper one rolls in. I guess some ppl could say I'm making excuses... it sure is worrying to me how little I've played since I've moved here...


What can I say about moving to Manchester?

Honestly, I couldn't be more content. Things have really turned out well and I'm really appreciative of it. My flatmate is cool, we're both clean and relaxed. The place is nice and central, and I'm socialising a lot and meeting many new people.

[Central] Manchester is like a mini London all walking distance. That's what I love. I'm walking everywhere, whether it be my friend's house, bars and restaurants, shopping mall, casino, snooker, breakdancing practice... its great!

Next week I'm going to a big breakdance event in Rotterdam, Holland and its gonna be great. I've been wanting to check it out for a few years and now I can go. This is one of the reasons why I do what I do, and moved up here.

I dunno how exactly I'm gonna plan my work when I finally get the wifi. I really do wanna push myself really hard though, planning on trying a big volumed month. If I make $10k in a month I am going straight to the Apple Store and buying myself a Macbook. It will be a challenge seeing as I've only had $3.5k as my highest... but I'm pretty sure I can do it.

It will be MINE!! Mwahahaha... erm Yeah!!

Live vs Online Poker

As the World Series of Poker Main Event rolls on... I am totally not really following much of it probably until like the last 100 or something.

My ozzy friend loves watching live shows of the WSOP, The Big Game, Poker After Dark, and High Stakes Poker. I really find those shows really "meh"... I mean honestly the commentators talk shit and are as annoying as hell. What is the point of them as well if they are literally saying out the board, when you can clearly see it lol.

Since moving here, I've been to the casino once. Its not even a bad one, there's a lot of emphasis on poker actually, which is kinda cool. There are regular live tournaments and cash games... I think one of the events of the GUPKT was held there... but I'm just so not bothered about going.

There are just a load of things that I hate about live poker really. I mean, not hate, but honestly I love poker, but I'm seriously not going outta my way to play these games. I probably will tho, I mean for edge's sake I really should lol.

My other mate reckons live poker and online poker are different things, and that live poker is easier. But I really do think that its an illusion. Online poker is like 6 times faster then live poker, so since everything happens so quickly it seems that you get bad beat more or lose your money quicker. Live poker fishes are so terrible too, and they make it seem that live is better, but like on the flipside coz its so slow and they're so terrible, and the sessions are longer they seem easier. But in reality your playing hardly any hands for your longer hours of realizing that this fish is a walking ATM machine.

Main reasons live poker is very meh for me;

- Its so god damn slow it makes my brain hurt.
- People who think their good, that are terrible, who are not businessmen/casual players, are the most annoying and most common players in these live tournaments. They make my brain hurt.
- One tabling is really boring. It makes my brain hurt.
- People are confused by the rules as well. Sometimes the dealer too. I once went to one where the dealer was making players post the blinds for joining the table like in a cash game... but for a tournament wtfff. That made my brain hurt.
- Variance of a one table match is in slow motion. Brain hurtin'
- Over emphasis on live tells, which are almost non existent instead of betting patterns.
- My brain hurts...


Congrats to "jijijijijj*" who must have wanted to play poker so friggin fast that he literally spend half a millisecond on his username. Notice that J, I and * are all directly align with each other on the keyboard... no time wasted eh?

Riiiiiiight, that's enough bloggin' for now... my brain is hurtin from talking about live poker haha. I'm off to watch Day9 since it coincides so well with my vampire sleeping schedule these days! FUNDAY MONDAY!! :D