Sunday, 1 July 2012

An ROI of Undefined

What does that mean?

I won a freeroll live tournament in the casino the other night. Meaning I invested zero, and won a few hundred quid... so working out this shit mathematically its prize/investment (=0), which as I'm sure you guys know will make your calculator freak out and say that you cant divide by zero. And as poker players are obsessed with ROI, I'm gonna say that the ROI is undefined.

So lets do some math to make your head explode!

5/0 = ?

Translated to real life English its 5 things divided by nothing.

Logically if we divide 5 things by nothing its 5?

5/0 = 5?

But remember that 5/1 is also 5!

So like wtf lolz how can 5/0 and 5/1 both = 5? (Head explosion)

If we use this 5/1 = 5 in written form it is saying that it is dividing 5 into 1 parts.

So we should try and divide 5 into no parts... which basically isn't possible.

To fuck with you even more we could go algebraically;
6/0 = x
so 6/x = 0
give x, say = 2
if x=2, then 6/2 = 0 (which isn't true), and therefore 6/0 = 2?
6 = 2????????? wtffffffffff


lols anyways, I digressed a little haha, but I actually really love the quirky shit like this in math(s for the English, but in this instance I actually think that the American way of saying it sounds better).

My friend had visited Manchester for a few weeks and he wanted to play some live poker so I took him to a few tournaments. Unfortunately he didn't have much time so we ended up just playing in a freeroll tournament, which wasn't ideal as normally they're pretty terrible as a structure. But its a freeroll so you could probably let it off.


Entry - Free
Starting Stack - 5000
2 Rebuys = £10 per Rebuy for 10k Chips Each or 20k Chips for Double Rebuy
Rebuy period finishes after 3 Levels

13 Minutes Blind Levels
Starts at 100/200
etc.. and it is never capped LOL

I won £365 for 1st place after making a deal 5 handed. Tbh was probably the easiest cash I've ever made in live MTTs, I ran decently good and players are just really bad as u'd expect.

Strangely enough despite being into poker I'm just not that much of a fan at reading other poker players many hand analysis' coz a)too lazy probably since most other poker blogs are mad long with them b)don't believe that there is ever a definite right/wrong way to play poker c)most are like poker players complaining about other bad players/luck etc and that itself is boring.

What I do remember generally is funny shit... seeing how bad the players are;

1. During rebuy period MP guy limps, I squeeze raise it up w/78s, BB calls and original limper calls as well. Flops is K7T I think. They check to me pretty quick so for that reason I cbet. They both call. Turn is like a 2 or something, but it gives me a flush draw. So checked to me, I think that my line is pretty strong and they're quite defensive so I shove. Limper guy tanks for ages and calls with QJ for an OESD (open ended straight draw) and river blanks and I win lolz.

2. Guy limps in UTG during like last 3 tables with big stack and I shove with 88. He tanks for freaking ages and folds JJ face up. He asks me what I had and I refuse to tell him lolz.

3. Same guy keeps limping UTG and I had like hands to shove on him like 2 or 3 times later. Each time he tanks for ages and then says that he has to fold. Literally lost his big stack by doing this continuously until he bubbles by shoving his A9 into my AK.

4. Final table other huge stack girl who is terrible limps UTG then calls a shove with J4 thinking that its AJ, of which his opponent has... and then hits river 4 lol

An interesting thing happened 5 handed when it was myself and another lady who basically had 2/3rds of chips in play, and she suggested to give me a 1st place deal that was evened out a bit to her 2nd. She was pretty terrible and tired and wanted to go home. We originally agreed £380 to £300, but her fucking boyfriend came over and interfered, saying that was shit. This pissed me off a ton, coz he's not involved and shouldn't be fucking interfering the bastard lol.

So here's the lowdown of the deal that happened;

Chip Stacks

Myself - About 650k
Tired Woman - About 600k
3 Other Guys - Like wavering about 100-150k

Blinds are 14k-28k and go up every 13 minutes and never caps.

Original Payouts
1st - £410
2nd - £290
3rd - Dunno lol

Final Payouts Ended
1st - $365
2nd - £320
3rd - 5th £125

Now looking at the numbers that looks pretty shit, but let me explain some of the other factors that influenced my decision;

- I actually wasn't as big a chip lead as she thought. I think we were really close, and I was probably ahead by something like 50k and she literally couldn't be bothered to ask for a count.
- The blinds are huge, and even with these stacks we're not guaranteed 1st/2nd. Variance worried me a bit.
Main Reason---> My best friend was leaving in the afternoon the next day (technically the same day) and I guess I had enough as well. Had 4 hours sleep the day before T_T

I guess I am thinking of what could have been for that extra £50. I definitely was the best player at the table and had the momentum. She was terrible and tbh her guaranteeing 2nd place was really good for her. But at the end of the day I made £365 from the straight up freeroll stack so it cant be all bad lols.

I really should play more live, I only really play it when my friends wanna play. The thing is, I just really find it boring one tabling, and some of the (fat, smelly, idiotic gambling retards that think they know what they're talking about) characters are basically just annoying as hell. However, on the flip side I can see that when you are playing it feels like an experience, like your own little journey towards winning - just like what I wrote above there are situations that stick out in my mind.