Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Film of Our Breakdancing Training in Manchester

Some film students came into the studio and recorded us during our training session and made a video of it! I'm the Chinese dude with the cap and grey t-shirt.

We're all friends and pretty much practice most weekdays (I don't practice enough). Its a cool scene, and Zion Arts Centre is a youth centre with many rooms for lots of other activities such as music, art, other dance, meetings and events.

I really do think that a lot of these youth centres are invaluable to our communities and help keep kids off the street. Its an old cliche to say that, but all these youngsters look for role models, and if the come from gangs or from places like this, is going to influence them and lead them on a path in certain direction.

There are a bunch of kids that dance with us, and its great that they explore their creativity with it. The cool thing about bboying is that there is a foundational element to it, but once you have that you can branch off into your own style and be biased towards liking doing certain moves.

I will be leaving Manchester in 2 weeks time, and I will really miss our bboying scene here for sure!

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