Friday, 3 March 2017

Rocket Science!

I followed along in making this program learning about evolving systems that try to complete a goal.

This is from Shiffman Coding Train's Coding Challenge #29.

The rockets start off in random directions, trying to reach the circle. The closer ones evolve their data to the next generation until they reach the circle.

I'd be lying if I said I knew exactly 100% what was going on, but I have an idea. It does get to the point where it feels like sometimes I'm copying the code and its going right through me, but I think its good practice to learn anyways. Another reason would also be that I might remember how this was done and I can refer back to this if I needed to do something similar later on.

One of the biggest problems with learning programming is that there is too much to learn, and its hard to find the right direction to go. There are a ton of different languages and no one knows when one will become obsolete.

Doing a course can help you with finding your way, although it is really important to have portfolio of stuff and not just think that passing it will be enough. Specialising seems like where the money's at and not being a jack of all trades.

Right now I'm interested in making my practice games, the list is so long now, like 30 games lol.

Matter.js looks really interesting so I think I'll be going in that direction for now.

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