Monday, 28 August 2017

Makers Week Four: We Are Mids!

Last Friday was the graduation of the June cohort which means we move from being the junior cohort to the middle ones. Their group was unusually small in comparison to all the other groups with 10 students. The cohort average tends to range around 20.

This was an extra sweet graduation as I had gotten to know some of them, especially my super awesomely supportive mentor. Each group chooses to become mentors of the lower cohort if they want.

These final projects were given 2 weeks to complete,  sometimes with languages and testing frameworks that they might have to learn from scratch.


Zombie Paint is a homage to the classic Microsoft Paint of which was announced that they would be ending this year.

The group attempted to make everything from scratch, whilst fully implementing industry standard testing.

Check it out! -
Githubz -


The perception is a headline quality checker. With this day and age of "15 ways Buzzfeed makes pointless headlines" and straight up fake news prevalent, this app checks the quality of a headline and approves or disapproves it.

They collected data from thousands of headlines to find similar patterns from API's of  various news organisations.

Have a play! -
Githubz -

Both projects were really inspiring and it will be hard to believe that my cohort will have to do something like this in 2 months time. They both had tons of problems and struggles but managed to complete the task in the end!

Graduation projects will be uploaded to the Makers youtube channel, and you can check out some of the older ones...


My three weeks living as a Londoner has come to an end and to be honest it has everything I expected. I did live in London for a few years after graduation so this wasn't any culture shock.

At times its lonely, other times its great going to events, but all in all its an expensive affair! It is pretty awesome being able to catch a bus straight there, getting there early hasn't been a problem.

Next week, which is this week because its Monday the blog day, we're moving on to do some stuff in Javascript. In learning coding by myself I focused on JS so I should be ok, but its funny how much I've forgotten already. Ruby is so tidy and minimal, and javascript has brackets all over the place!

One of the cooler things I learned last week was how everything in Ruby seems to be an object, within an object... within another, until your reach the Basic Object Class. Then above that? Well that's like asking who made God? (Don't ask that its confusing)

Pretty interesting to see where everything comes from. I probably haven't even explained it properly/correctly, check out this post for more details...

Talk to you guys next week dudes, happy coding.... peace out London, twas a blast!

Liverpool Street Stationz and dat!

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